Christian Graciel : Twenty things you should know about Christian Graciel...
Christian Graciel
Twenty things you should know about Christian Graciel...
E.D.M., May 21, 2012

After a ten years experience in the fashion industry, Christian Graciel (born in 1970 in Douala, Cameroon) decides to launch his own brand in 2003. Always fascinated by nature, the designer from Cameroon starts to sculpt bags and jewels out of tropical wood and shell, that he handles with great respect. Thanks to his cooperation with Bugis fishermen in Bali and the best craftsmen, his inspiration comes to life. Expressing the pureness and beauty of Nature in a very contemporary way, the artist creates perfectly unique accessories: rings, brooches, necklaces, jewel buttons, belts and precious bags made of shell, mother of pearl, but also of teak burl, palm tree and rose wood.

Christian Graciel/Green big shell ring
Christian Graciel/Green big shell ring

EgoDesign : Who are you / how would you describe yourself?

Christian Graciel:
an observer of life, world, people, nature and fashion

E.D.: Tell us more about your works?

CG.: Purity and classicism in raw wood and mother of pearl materials

E.D.: Is there a philosophy behind Christian Graciel? Your work?

CG.: The respect of materials, also giving the best of oneself

Christian Graciel/Golden_big shell ring.
Christian Graciel/Golden_big shell ring.

E.D.: What do you consider your influences, what inspires you?
CG.: The nature, people of fashion industry, in the past and the present

E.D.: How would you explain Design?

CG.: Simplicity, comfort and details finishing

E.D.: Your favourite materials in design and why?

CG.: Furniture and industrial design for their strength and history carried.

Christian Graciel/Sac-Bag_Nacre et cuir
Christian Graciel/Sac-Bag_Nacre et cuir

E.D.: What means for you the word “ecology”?

CG.: Conservation and future generation

E.D.: And chic, what do you feel it is?

CG.: Is to know itself as it is: the great example for me is Mrs Iris Apfel whose style dress based on the mix of genres and accessories  has become legendary.
E.D.: Which artist / architect / designer do you admire most?

CG.: Elsa Schaparelli, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood and my friends of E2.

Christian Graciel/Ceintute_Belt
Christian Graciel/Ceintute_Belt

E.D.: What are currently your favourite brands or objects, and why?
CG.: Items of Jerome Abel Seguin, celebrating the unique beauty of nature. The apparent evidence of a rigorous of the finish and detail is just amazing.

E.D.: Can you describe an evolution in your work from your first projects to the present day?

CG.: Not much difference but a trend towards luxury and detail

E.D.: Your dream project?

CG.: To provide a better living conditions and a beautiful house for my family in Cameroon. Designing items for large grands couturiers and present my work exhibited in a museum.

Christian Graciel/Sac-Bag_Bois de rose
Christian Graciel/Sac-Bag_Bois de rose

E.D.: What is your favourite example of the use of sustainable fabrics/products in fashion design?

I use materials that I recycle; for example the advertising tarpaulins becomes bags, shellfish breeding transformed into jewelry and chic accessories.

E.D.: What design project would you never design and why?

CG.: A gun

E.D.: What you hope your current work will bring to people, humanity?

CG.: Dream and fantasy.

Christian Graciel/Ceinture-Belt.
Christian Graciel/Ceinture-Belt.

E.D.: What invention would best improve your life?

CG.: Pills against selfishness

E.D.: Which city resembles you the most and why?

CG.: Paris, Bangkok and Bali for their multiculturatism, their difference

E.D.: What couldn’t you live without?

CG.: Love, friends and sharing.

Christian Graciel/CGcol
Christian Graciel/CGcol

E.D.: Finally, which 21th-century architects/designers/artists would you invite to a dream dinner?

CG.: Jean Michel Gathy, Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier. I will cook for them my favorite meal:  african fish.