Twenty things you should know about Eva Van Den Bulcke... : Schlof project
Twenty things you should know about Eva Van Den Bulcke...
Schlof project
Zanoa Bia, March 5, 2007
Eva Van Den Bulcke_Schlof_Montreal_Canada
Eva Van Den Bulcke_Schlof_Montreal_Canada : Who are you? How would you describe yourself?
Eva Van Den Bulcke: I make sense out of nonsense. If that makes sense…

E.D.: Tell us more about Schlof, and your (future) works?

E.V.D.B.: Schlof is a series of portraits of people in their sleep. It was very important for the authenticity of the idea, to actually shoot them while they slept. It was quite challenging to capture them in their most profound sleep without waking them up. I had to get a copy of their house keys and sneak in really early in the morning; the braver ones left their front door unlocked. I would then go into their bedroom and climb on their bed to get a frontal view of their face.  Some people were aware of my presence; others would just sleep and fart through the whole thing! I then printed these portraits on oversized pillows. The volume of the pillows gave a three dimensional aspect to the faces. The effect of one of these pillows in a bed is stunning. It really is as if someone (with a giant head) is sleeping, creating a strange trompe-l’oeil.

E.D.: Is there a philosophy behind Schlof? Your work?

E.V.D.B.: Coming from advertising I’m used to very staged photography and then very precise retouching, mixing eyes and limbs to create a perfect scene. With Schlof, I wanted to let it all go. No make-up, styling, lighting, smiling or retouching. Pure abandon. If I had shown the portraits to my models, I would’ve never had an exhibit! People had no control over their image and that was the whole point. Some portraits turned out to be very flattering, but others were really brut!

Frederic Metz_Schlof_Canada
Frederic Metz_Schlof_Canada
E.D.: What do you consider your influences? What inspires you?
E.V.D.B.: Human behaviour. Light. Green.  Nature. Laughter. Long baths. Crazy friends.
E.D.: How would you explain art?

E.V.D.B.: Art is therapy. Without art, psychiatric hospitals would be full. In fact they already are. They should open more art centers. This isn’t such a crazy idea.

E.D.: What are your favourite art materials and why?

E.V.D.B.: Unexpected materials. I like when designers make you look again; make you see things under a new light.  

Jacques Languirand_Schlof_Montréal_Canada
Jacques Languirand_Schlof_Montréal_Canada
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