Paris Eight Project : Concept by ASAA
Paris Eight Project
Concept by ASAA
Marion Guillot, August 30, 2010
The Paris Eight is a 18.000m² building located in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD). Formerly headquarter of a bank and lately renovated in 1999, the building was needed a renovation in order to attract some new tenants.

The figures 8 has always been associated with renewal. Whilst respecting the linearity and purity of the art deco façade, ASAA has breathed new life into the interior of Paris Eight. The redevelopment reconciles history and technological innovation and at the same time provides the building with present-day comforts and practical features.

Considering the building, the needs, the location and last but not least the actual market ASAA decided to create a real distinctiveness to the project Paris Eight. This identity was created by a strong idea embodies by a  concept which is to introduce the hotel atmosphere in an office building in order to assure to every visitor a real experience – an experimentation.

Paris Eight/Hall_Axel Schoenert Architectes Associés_Luc Boegly
Paris Eight/Hall_Axel Schoenert Architectes Associés_Luc Boegly
To introduce the hotel atmosphere in an office building, to assure to every visitor an experience and the comfort is a real preconception which wad done by ASAA especially by Axel Schoenert and Zsofia Varnagy, that was a risk to take in order to give a change in this office building.

To ensure the Experience of the Hotel atmosphere we introduce the “5 senses” idea:

- Sense of sight: To propose a global and a coherent vision – ASAA design the furniture.
- Sense of smell: ASAA decided to distil a light ginger flavour to embody the building.
- Sense of touch: Sweet and soft materials has been chosen: Corian, curtain etc.
- Hearing sense: An ambient music has been created: the Paris Eight Compilation
- Sense of taste: An Inter Company Restaurant was planned but it won’t be realised since the future tenants won’t need it.

As the entrance hall is a major aspect of a building since it lets the first impression to the visitor we decided to play strongly the theme in this area.Not just an entrance hall, this new reception area concept, based on comfort, elegance and harmony, strikes a chord with the glass roof that illuminates the atrium. The hushed atmosphere, designed to create intimate areas dedicated to social interaction, matches the comfort of the forum in the space basement.

Paris Eight/Entrance_Axel Schoenert Architectes Associés_Luc Boegly
Paris Eight/Entrance_Axel Schoenert Architectes Associés_Luc Boegly
We find then, these soft and undulating forms make a direct reference to the 8 Paris Eight in furniture designed by ASAA. The light colors such as ivory, plum, beige created a play of light and reflections play with canopy and side windows.

Finally, the space of the hall is divided into small places, conducive to meeting naturally generates a feeling of ease and comfort, thus improving working conditions for everyone.

The office space has been conceptualized along the same lines: soft tones and games of transparency in the continuity of the lobby.

In fact, delivered in trays released on 7 floors and ground floor are then modulated so that each tenant can dispose at will of its spaces. Finally, the office floors are scored in three prospective tenants can rent between 500 and 1.800m ² per floor.

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