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The Whif
New "Breathable Chocolate" Design Offers Chocolate Without the Calories
Valérie Abrial + Tom Hadfield, February 1, 2010
Harvard professor David Edwards today unveils a new version of Le Whif, the world's only breathable chocolate. Developed by Edwards' ArtScience Labs network, the new Le Whif design is biodegradable, organic and contains less than one calorie.

The invention of Le Whif, a small tube of chocolate that consumers breathe into their mouths, attracted global attention when it was disclosed in April 2009. ArtScience Labs, an international network of art and design labs experimenting at the frontiers of science, has enhanced Le Whif's initial design in collaboration with university students, culinary artists and designers, following public reaction in 32 countries during the recent Le Whif World Tour.

WHIF (c) Sublim design by David Edwards
WHIF (c) Sublim design by David Edwards
"Le Whif uses particle engineering to form chocolate in particle sizes that are small enough to become airborne though too large to enter the lungs," says Professor Edwards, professor of biomedical engineering at Harvard University, lead inventor and founder of ArtScience Labs.

The new Le Whif is available in three flavors: pure chocolate, raspberry chocolate, and mint chocolate. It is available for purchase at and in stores around the world for 1.80 euros or approximately US $2.50. It is currently on sale at Le LaboShop, Galeries Lafayette and Colette in Paris.

The year-long Le Whif World Tour will formally come to a close in March 2010 with the launch of Le Whif Coffee in cafes on the Harvard University campus. The functionality of Le Whif Coffee is completely identical to Le Whif Chocolate, offering a breathable coffee powder with an amount of caffeine equivalent to an espresso. "Le Whif first offered the taste of chocolate without the calories, and now it offers the kick of coffee without the cup," says Edwards.

Le Whif is a first commercial step toward breathable food and provides a completely new tasting experience. During 2010, ArtScience Labs will launch Le Whif in stores around the world, along with other breathable food products and new Le Whif flavors.

WHIF (c) Sublim design by David Edwards
WHIF (c) Sublim design by David Edwards
David Edwards, THE INVENTOR

A professor of biomedical engineering at Harvard University, David Edwards is founder of ArtScience Labs and author of the seminal books of ArtScience Labs: Artscience: Creativity in the Post-Google Generation (Harvard University Press 2008) and The Lab: Experiments in ArtScience (to appear, Harvard University Press). His creative work in science, art and design is described at On January 29 2010, Professor Edwards presented the new Le Whif design and Le Whif Coffee in a keynote address at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.


ArtScience Labs is Edwards' international network of art and design labs experimenting at frontiers of science with a base at the cultural center Le Laboratoire in Paris, France. ArtScience Labs provides a new innovation model in which breakthrough ideas evolve through encounters of art and design with science to produce experiential learning, cultural exhibition, product development, and humanitarian engagement.


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