2012, International Year of Ecological Design
Hicham Lahlou, Industrial Designer of the Year
Zanoah Bia + Dorinda Bixler, July 2, 2012
Hicham Lahlou/Abri bus
Hicham Lahlou/Abri bus
E.D.: Which city resembles you the most and why? 

H.L.: Agadir, the city where I designed the furniture and visual identity, a project of global design that is a first in Africa and the Arab world and has received the Label de l’Observeur du Design 2010

E.D.: Your dream project? 

H.L.: Design a watch that would have the power to stop time (when appropriate).  

E.D.: What is your favourite example of the use of sustainable products in design? 

H.L.: The entirely solar homes or cities that are self-sufficient in energy derived by geothermal, wind or other natural energy...

Hicham Lahlou/Public bench, Agadir
Hicham Lahlou/Public bench, Agadir
E.D.: What design project would you never design and why? 

H.L.: Guns

E.D.: What do you hope your current work will bring to people, humanity? 

H.L.: To have things functional and at the same time challenge their everyday appearance

E.D.: What invention would best improve your life?  

H.L.: A nomadic settlement that would move through the air, no need to fly, no need to leave one's family, etc.

Hicham Lahlou/Lamp posts pure wave technic
Hicham Lahlou/Lamp posts pure wave technic
E.D.: Can you describe an evolution in your work from your first projects to the present day? 

H.L.: I started with a teapot that made me famous in the field. I just kept going with the design of a city, changing it to free the mind and always expanding the horizons.  

E.D.: What couldn’t you live without? 

H.L.: Good food. (Laughs!)

E.D.: Finally, which 21st century architects/designers/artists would you invite to a dream dinner? 

H.L.: Jean Nouvel, Ron Arad, George Lucas, John Galliano, Bono, Jeff Koons, Madonna.

Hicham Lahlou/Signature Hicham
Hicham Lahlou/Signature Hicham

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