The Office of the future
NET NEST, a living space
Wolfgang Scheppe, January 15, 2020
INBO Architecten_Jan Bitter
INBO Architecten_Jan Bitter
London interior designer Sevil Peach had encountered Vitra some years previously when she was responsible for several unusually inspirational offices that included Vitra products. This is how Vitra had always imagined that its range of office 'tools' would be used to create good living spaces. To add to the knowledge already gained, and to obtain practical verification of what specific products can achieve and how they perform in the context of real work processes, Vitra decided to undertake a large-scale experiment on itself. Using items from the Vitra Collections, Sevil Peach was to design an experimental office in Weil am Rhein where more than 100 people would work in different areas covering an area of more than 2000 square metres. This creative network of spaces was to be a 'breathing office' that would be open to rapid changes - an environment where different working methods could coexist.

Produits Vitra_Benny Chan
Produits Vitra_Benny Chan
Territorial and non-territorial areas were to alternate with one another, zones for concentration and communication were to be adjacent, private spaces were to coexist with public ones, fixed and movable units were to interact and a continuous flow was to be facilitated in a highly reactive and self-organising environment. The infrastructure - so the thinking went - should itself be given the same ability as was demanded of each team member in a networking situation: the ability to be flexible. The ideal was viewed as an open patchwork of differentiated types of workspheres and spaces, with modules that users could adapt to their individual needs so as to programme a personal work environment; this would create customised locations and semi-autono-mous subsystems within the overall system. In this reinterpretation of the office, the old definition of the workplace has been superseded by the concept of personalised situations that can be recreated time after time. The experimental Network Office was designed to provide empirical verification of Vitra objects in everyday working life; it is constantly being developed as new products are put through practical trials.

Spectraseis AG_Jan Bitter
Spectraseis AG_Jan Bitter
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