Nigel Coates
Body as a metaphor of architecture...
Fl. Z., May 29, 2015
Nigel Coates/Frag Cara
Nigel Coates/Frag Cara
Fl.Z: This is your project for the Pop Music Museum!

Nigel Coates: Which I enjoyed so much as a project, it's one of our best projects I think, but it was extremely badly managed and the exhibition in it was so awful that they had to close it after six months, so what happened? The local university bought it and turned it into a music venue for the students of Sheffield Hallam University so it has a perfect reincarnation and like the best Roman buildings, there was always another use after...

Nigel Coates portrait
Nigel Coates portrait
Fl.Z: What I find interesting in this project is the fact that there is no obligatory entrance in the building..

Nigel Coates:
It was like part of the gridded plant town, the crossing was enclosed. In fact, this idea of four circular drums came because I was driving in Mercatale and I saw some silos, stainless steel silos and I was thinking to myself, "If you could walk in-between, it would be the most extraordinary sensation because it would be a kind of inside-out space", because of the form of the drums and that was where it kind of related to this which is where the Villacapra has a kind of confusing relationship between the four porticos and at the same time it's a device, an orientation device, for a landscape. So that's why I thought it was similar 'cause when you would enter into that central space, there would be that kind of turning, a question over your orientation in the space. It's geometric. It's geometric but disorienting; which is an enigmatic relationship between the geometry and the experience of the space.

Fl.Z: How would you describe your theories on architecture in one statement?

Nigel Coates: Capricious!

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