Raymond Depardon + Paul Virilio
Native Land - Stop Eject
Linda Chenit, November 3, 2008
Terre Natale/Brazil_Raymond Depardon
Terre Natale/Brazil_Raymond Depardon
Paul Virilio

Virilio questions one’s capacity to settle somewhere and take root. The acceleration of movement or, using his terms, “the great migratory mobilization,” - it is estimated that roughly 200 million people will be forced to relocate by the year 2050 - challenges the very notion of sedentariness. This exodus, unprecedented in human history, linked to globalization and to climate change, encounters the end of geographical space, or “the disappearance of the world’s vastness,” created by the current transportation and telecommunications revolution.

The current urban exodus replacing the rural exodus of the past, the re-urbanization of the world, as Paul Virilio describes it, are factors that announce the emergence of the “ultracity,” the city of urban exile, the city of departure, similar to the train or bus stations and airports of today, or the spaceports of the future. In this way, Paul Virilio questions the future of “native land” as a notion, reflected in the literal translation of the French exhibition title, Terre Natale, Ailleurs commence ici [Native Land, Elsewhere starts here]. This elsewhere that begins here prefigures global mobilization, and is illustrated through a visual tornado of news clips that are literally choreographed on almost 50 screens.

Terre Natale/Argentine, 2005_ Raymond Depardon
Terre Natale/Argentine, 2005_ Raymond Depardon
The exhibition’s final room is entirely dedicated to cartography, proposing a dynamic visualization of global human migrations and their causes via a circular and immersive projection. The visitor is surrounded by a sphere that circles the room, leaving behind a new imprint of migratory data in the form of animated maps, texts and trajectories with each orbit.

Terre Natale/Paul Virilio and Raymond Depardon, 2000_Jeanloup Sieff
Terre Natale/Paul Virilio and Raymond Depardon, 2000_Jeanloup Sieff
Raymond Depardon

Born in 1942 in Villefranche-sur-Saône, Raymond Depardon renewed the photography and film reporting genres in his work as a filmmaker, photographer and special correspondent. Co-founder of the Gamma agency in 1967, he joined Magnum Photos in 1978. Raymond Depardon’s filmed work, be it documentary or fictional, prolongs the resolve to confront reality already sensed in his photography. His film, Modern Life, the last chapter of his trilogy on the farming world, will be released in France on October 29, 2008.

Paul Virilio

Born in 1932 in Paris, Paul Virilio is a professor at the École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris, where he was director and president from 1968 to 1998. An urban planner and essayist specialized in strategic questions about new technologies, Paul Virilio has written a number of major works and participated in numerous publications in France and abroad. In 2003, he collaborated with the Fondation Cartier on the exhibition Unknown Quantity.

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