Aldo Cibic
Not an Archistar…
G.T., September 22, 2008
Aldo Cibic’in katkılarıyla
Aldo Cibic’in katkılarıyla
G.T.: And to finish up, a rather silly question... What does Aldo Cibic consider to be the most beautiful home?

A.C.: I like my own home! I’m getting old. The most beautiful home is the condition you create for yourself. I rent a very beautiful house overlooking an Italian-style garden, with thousands of rose bushes. But sometimes I really like a very simple home, with a lawn and a tree. Having a place to sit down and write in the shade of a vine... it’s a condition rather than a form of architecture.

Bisazza by Aldo Cibic
Bisazza by Aldo Cibic
G.T.: You know, I promised myself I wouldn’t ask you this question, but I’m going to ask you it anyway. How has the vocabulary of architecture changed, in terms of materials, since you first started working in architecture? From plastic to agglomerates, there are lots of interesting high performance solutions to choose from these days...

A.C.: If a client comes along today wanting to build a certain number of square metres, without abusing the word sustainability, you have to ask what kind of life the construction will have. If I’m the one to make the decisions in the project, it must be environmentally sustainable. It must produce a virtuous lifestyle. Because this is the challenge today: creating a virtuous lifestyle. There will be some people who will get rich out of it, but it won’t be the majority. Our lives won’t be that easy. We need to emphasise solidarity and sharing above all. And the materials of architecture must fit into this new scheme of things.
I think there is always a reason for everything.

Bisazza Bench by Aldo Cibic
Bisazza Bench by Aldo Cibic
G.T.:Thank you.

A.C.: Thank you too.

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