Teen City
The adventure of adolescence
Nathalie Herschdorfer, June 16, 2008
Marion Poussier_Sans-titre, 2003-2005
Marion Poussier_Sans-titre, 2003-2005
Artists statements

Julia Fullerton-Batten - Great Britain

« Adolescence is a complicated and delicate period, particularly for young girls who begin to see themselves in the context of society and start questioning their identity. It’s an age of important physical and psychological changes, but also of anxiety and hope, as well as the birth of freedom. In my pictures, I try to grasp these changes.”

Dana Popa - Romania

«Since 1989, sex trafficking has become one of the most lucrative criminal activities in East and West Europe. The Moldavian Republic is the principle supplier of sex slaves for the whole continent. We are familiar with pictures of these sex slaves in brothels or on the streets. I have chosen to tell a different story by taking pictures of young women who were victims of this new slave trade but who have managed to return home. I wanted to see how they survive the trauma of their experience in a world that ignores their suffering. Natascha is what prostitutes from the East are called. They hate this nickname.”

Nicolas Savary_Michel, Bulle, 2005
Nicolas Savary_Michel, Bulle, 2005
Marion Poussier - France

«This work is based on my memories of summer holiday camps. These camps were a sort of interlude in my everyday life. No one knew me so I could play any role I wanted. The notions of time (which was suspended) and space (which was closed) took on a different dimension. The question of how one appears to others, of representation, which is so important during adolescence is at the heart of this project. Although these pictures show the theatrical aspects of adolescent attitudes, they also reveal the teenagers’ fragile, vulnerable personalities.”

Lillian Birnbaum_The eye - diane, 2005_Birnbaum
Lillian Birnbaum_The eye - diane, 2005_Birnbaum
Ewen Spencer - Great Britain

«I don’t subscribe to the idea that adolescence means drugs and crime. At the end of the day, teenagers are what they have always been - a bundle of hormones and intense agitation. It’s a very exciting, turbulent time. I think it’s been like that ever since the word “teenager” was coined in the 50’s. Being able to escape is everything for a young person- a school yard in which he can empty his pockets.”

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