A Tribute to Müller-Brockmann : 19th International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont
A Tribute to Müller-Brockmann
19th International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont
Stéphanie Merran + Annie Lalande, May 26, 2008
In 2003, the Festival organized a retrospective on Raymond Savignac, an emblematic French poster designer from the second half of the 20th century, who is said to have inspired artists such as Michel Quarez (exhibited 2006). The Festival also exhibited the works of a Paris studio M/M (Paris), which finds their counterpart in initiatives undertaken by other European workshops of their generation such as Mevis & Van Deursen (Dutch Resource exhibition, 2005) and the London Graphic Thought Facility (2004). Another feature of the 2003 Festival was the “Super, Welcome to Graphic Wonderland!”, giving an overview of cutting edge European contemporary production, with some participants returning to Chaumont, such as the Dutch artists Harmen Liemburg and Julia Born (2005), Richard Niessen or the Franco-Swiss graphic artist Mathias Schweizer (2007). In 2004, the Festival ran a retrospective on Roman Cieslewicz, a Polish graphic artist who emigrated to France in 1963.

Another angle of the Polish school could be seen in the 2006 exhibition on poster maestro Henryk Tomaszewski, who taught several French graphic artists, and whose influence spanned the oceans to mark such people as Paul Rand, the father of American modernity, exhibited in 2007 in the Silos. In 2004, the Festival exhibited a number of works from Paul Elliman, a teacher at the Werkplaats Typografie school in Arhnem (Netherlands). The following year, students from this post-graduate school spent 6 weeks in Chaumont to create a work. The idea underlying this initiative was to show people a genuine “work in progress”.

And indeed, the presentation echoed the plastic and architectural research work of the French artist Christophe Jacquet known as Toffe at the Chapelle des Jésuites, which prefigured the neoconstructive workings of Richard Niessen in this Baroque building in 2007. These gateways and crossovers which have taken place in Chaumont over the years clearly establish the town's reputation as a hotbed of graphic design. This insistence on quality underlying all artistic decisions, backed up by the commitment of teams to disseminate and promote Chaumont’s collection, as well as initiatives related to training and creation, mean that we can confidently envisage the future development of the project to create a graphic Center to host and develop graphic arts initiatives.

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