Maurice Nio
The Language of Architecture
A.Z., May 12, 2008
Maurice Nio_Flower Power station
Maurice Nio_Flower Power station
A like Architecture

"Architecture is important, if not. essential, because it is bound to gravity and capable of embodying this union. A pixel or a vertex cannot do this. Apart from something as natural as mountains, architecture is the best medium to externalise gravity. Look at your churches and palaces: what an absorbing display of power, what a glorification of the gravity, what a voluptuous ode to the centre of the earth. I personally believe that this union between architecture and gravity is the secret of the sensual space. Everything virtual is impotent, inflationary, immune. Everything real is virile, vital, virulent. A pixel and a vertex are not sexy, not sensual. That entire so-called dominance of the virtual in the fields of sex, politics and economy is one boring, dead mess. I rather walk on the street or in a building than in cyberspace. You could say that architecture is only becoming more important nowadays, but then we have to deploy architecture very precisely as a medium, as a means, and not search for the light, the transparent, the lean, the dry and the democratic, but for the heavy, the turbid, the Rubenesque full, the lusty and the sovereign."

Maurice Nio_Nuovo Pecci Museum
Maurice Nio_Nuovo Pecci Museum
N like The Nox

"When I was a student I was not so happy about what was happening in architecture at that moment because it was fairly boring it was all about social housing and about functionalism.
It was not so inspiring so what we did at that time was to read a lot, we translated the books from Jean Baudrillard for instance I have a copy of "Fatal strategies", we translated it into Dutch and that was a starting point for a total different approach concerning architecture and when I ended my study we started an office which was called Nox and we did not make architecture in the beginning but we only made books, expositions, funny stuff, we made videos...that was actually the starting not of an architecture office but more of a research office and we tried to find a way out of traditional architecture, our first project was the (Sweet) Water Pavilion in Zeeland and that was actually the first building that we realized after a lot of research, a lot of reading a lot of making stuff other than architecture."

Maurice Nio_Nuovo Pecci Museum
Maurice Nio_Nuovo Pecci Museum
I + S = Infect the soft

"I always play with the opposites of light and heavy, virtual-real and also stuff like fluid and orthogonal and that is what I talked about in Infect the Soft because it's not good to choose for one system it's not good to choose for only fluid systems or fluid architecture or orthogonal architecture or orthogonal systems, you always have to play with the opposites and to play in the space, you can see space as in between the opposites. As an architect you have to control this space, this in between space and when I talked about infect the soft I was thinking about not only to choose for fluid systems but to have control of the space in between the opposites of fluid and orthogonal space.


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