USEK - Kaslik, Lebanon : Student Housing
USEK - Kaslik, Lebanon
Student Housing
SE.Arch_Verba5, April 21, 2008
Located in the periphery, at the South-East of the USEK campus, in the real estate zone of Sarba, Keserouan, the degraded and exiguous site on a A relatively reduced and non orthogonal plot of land surrounded with old residential buildings, represented a real difficulty.

Kaslik_Lebanon_2007_USEK_Student Housing
Kaslik_Lebanon_2007_USEK_Student Housing
It’s on that difficult site that the owner, the USEK (Université du Saint-Esprit, Kaslik) asked the architects Henry Eid and Samer Eid (from SE.Arch_Samer Eid Architect) to design a residential building for 200 female students of the University, featuring approximatly 9000 m².
The architects have considered the chaotic urban environment of the site as a challenge and confronted it with the elegant modernism of their work, investing to the utmost the potential of a difficult plot of land.

The program
  •  Welcoming and hosting 200 young female students coming from all over Lebanon.
  • Giving a degraded urban site a new lease of life.
  • Reconciling the university campus with its neighbourhood, proposing a viable, well-thought and undeniably contemporary alternative.
  • Shaping the university’s identity without compromising its historical and architectural value.
  • Creating a pleasant environment that is suitable for rest and study.
  • Interpreting the educative notions of spatial initiation, discovery and experience and raising the residents’ awareness to these notions.
  • Solving the issues of intimacy and community, which prevail on such a project, through setting the framework of what is to be seen, and protecting the residents against what they do not want to bear. In a nutshell, investing the site’s negative constraints to support a positive reality is the main issue at stake within this project.

Kaslik_Lebanon_2007_USEK_Student Housing
Kaslik_Lebanon_2007_USEK_Student Housing
The functions
The building features ten levels are distributed as following: three underground levels, a ground floor, and six floors.
  • At the ground floor, public activities are available. The collective space is thus composed and animated by the following functions: welcoming desk, administrative offices, visiting room, lounge, chapel, cafeteria and utilities.
  • At the floors, the privative space comprises the rooms, distributed over six piled levels.
  • The elements of vertical circulation battery (stairs and lifts), as well as services (kitchens and technical chambers) are altogether on the eastern aisle of the building.
  • The floor kitchen is a space where we can meet at meal times in an intimate and warm atmosphere.
  • Three under-ground levels comprise parking spaces and general utilities.

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